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Dr. Leon Tsvasman is an experienced academic lecturer, instructional designer, author, working as education consulter for several public and private Universities in Germany. His actual research interests are Complexity Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology of Information, Ethics of Leadership and Innovation.



His fields of Education and Experience (15+ years academic lecturing/advising/writing) were mainly focused on: Communication, Media and Information (M.A., Dr.phil./Ph.D), Second-Order Cybernetics (Dr.phil./Ph.D), Journalism and Publicity (BA, mostly Russian and German) as well as Leadership & Management, Strategic & Creative Thinking, Intercultural Issues of Globalization (Lecturing since 2002) Social Enabling, Conceptual Arts (volunteering and curatorial projects since 2009) as well as English, German and Russian linguistics.


Dr. Leon Tsvasman worked as a Lecturer and Instructional Advisor in the University of Bundeswehr in München and Federal Academy of Public Administration. Here he was responsible for conception and managing courses in Psychology, Pedagogics and Intercultural Communications for different target groups. He also worked for Universities like the University of Bonn, University (HS) of Heilbronn, University of Ingolstadt, Macromedia University Cologne, Provadis University Frankfurt, Wilhelm Büchner University Darmstadt, International University Bad Honnef and others.


After his successful Ph.D. exam in 2002 (University of Munster, Germany) he served till 2006 as a Scientific Advisor in the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne, worked as Instructional Designer for the University of Bonn and as a Chief Encyclopedist for Ergon Publishing House in Germany.


From 1997 till 2002 Leon Tsvasman worked on various positions in advertising, PR and media agencies. On the position of Conception and Strategy Advisor, he achieved a special connection between business and media work. On this position, he was responsible for strategic Conception for Crossmedia-Publishing. At the end of 1999, he was involved in several curatorial projects in the field of Conceptual and Social Arts.


He is a representative of systemic-constructivist approach in research and instruction, author of a Large Lexicon of Media and Communications in German.


1997 he got his Master’s degree in Communications, Politics & English Linguistics at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. During his studies, he also graduated from State Lomonossow University in Moscow (State Exam in English and BA-comparable courses in Journalism) and had study experience in Human Medicine.


He participated also in a wide range of managerial vocational training, monitoring new trends in Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Social Arts. He is the author of didactical, belletristic, scientific and philosophical articles, essays and books.


As a tutor, Dr. Tsvasman prefers maximum interactivity from the students, creativity, active approach to the study, willingness to work on yourself, training and autonomy. His Instructional perspective motivates learners in their acquisition of cross-curricular, inter-disciplinary, transferable, intercultural skills, focused on enabling of information processing, project-based, and authentic learning abilities.


"My know-how emerges from skills as problem-solving, conceptual synthesis, agility, creativity, curiosity, imagination, innovation, self-direction, design thinking, emotional leadership, virtual collaboration and attitudes like cognitive flexibility, social awareness, entrepreneurialism, humanitarianism as well as scientific, cross-media, ethic, economic, multicultural literacy."


His lecturing goal is to enable students’ potentials, experience, and knowledge in a way they can immediately apply in their practice, independence and interdisciplinary orientation in a given issue.


Professional Motto: 

Polymath on Mission as Creative Cyberneticist and Knowledge Enabler 


Personal Values:
Potential – Orientation – Enabling


Personal beliefs:

  • human Potential is the core issue of Leadership and Management.

  • Self-responsible Orientation in the world is the best way to Knowledge.

  • sapient Knowledge of Human Difference is highest social value.


Motto auf Deutsch:

Potentialität, Orientierungsgewissheit und Ermöglichungskultur.





I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you.





I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you.


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