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When will AI make the world sustainable and reality recognizable? A cognitive-philosophical sketch

The evolution of intelligence has to do with complexity adjustment. Whatever and whatever the ontological world is, our perception depends on our bodily sensory system, so the brain has to process the perception flow, so that we are able to survive by acting. And since people act together to influence their common environment, they have to communicate with each other, and in doing so bring the individual flow of perception to a common denominator with the help of media like *logos* (formally structured common set of language rules) or any technical infrastructure.

The brain is intelligent because it manages to operate selectively and generate patterns. But this cognitive intelligence only works if it forces us to focus attention. Focused attention is the prerequisite for the will - a constituent peculiarity of the cogn itive living that emanates from a located brain that also constructs time.

So we simplify the individually observable relationships because we have to act together and communicate. And since we are not physically networked with each other, we cannot exchange data, so we can only communicate with the help of the media - by synchronizing the brain patterns that correlate with physical conditions according to the agreed and mainly externalized rules. This is how languages work. That's why cyberneticists say that human brains are structurally open and informationally closed.

As a human being, you can achieve things by acting together - out of ideas. You can do things very efficiently with a lot of effort, but due to the lack of precise overall knowledge of all potentially involved contexts, you would mostly realize things by trial and error, achieving more or less senseless results, only effective in the short term. That's why we construct common actuality from the limited perspective as a ragbag of cognitive snapshots.

Therefore, any effort to act sustainably out of actuality without profound understanding of the overarching connections of real comlexity, would be at least destructive. People almost always do this, not because they are stupid, but because they do not have efficient support to obtain valid knowledge of the relevant potential based on available data from around the world. Only then can people, for the first time in history, emancipate themselves as the world's strategic intelligence.

There is still the matter of potentiality and actuality of relations that have own drives and which we can perceive as self-regulating systems like living beings. If a seed falls into the ground, there are only three options - either a plant will emerge that will only work as intended, or not at all. A malformation can also occur - the third option, which is quite variable in itself. In order for us as observers who are not inside to recognize what the right plant is, we have to have comparative values, at least several representative plants that have no malformations. As humans, we are unique on the planet. That is why the observers doing scientific research long for comparison - looking for aliens, they used to be gods and so on. But we can also proceed differently, and not look for comparisons as observers, but - since we are human beings and structurally the same thanks to evolution - listen to our inner balance. When the physical balance is destroyed, we find the distortion pathological. And there is no point in artificially switching off the senses by drugs, machanically, biotechnologically, socially or culturally, on the contrary - we have to become more sensitive, cultivate our senses, emancipate them, bring them to the highest level. But this is not possible as long as there is so much suffering and destruction in this world.

A subject can only live with sensors, as sensitivity is there to recognize balance disorders on the way from potentiality to actuality, and this way is the expression of life. Without sensitivity the infrastructures cannot become a living subject, and there are no non-living subjects. It is a pure human longing that it can exist. Even souls, if they exist, can only exist if it is a life form that has its own, however determined sensor system.

What would be the sensuality of global AI? It would be the sense of balance regarding all connotations of distortions in the global technical infrastructure in its permanent constructive adaptation to the natural and human environment. If the global AI subject, the technical brain of the world, which is connected to the entire technical infrastructure via data streams, felt discomfort or even pain, it could hardly be passed on to human subjects in an empathetic way, but this sensitivity would be sufficient for self-regulation and some kind of ritualized alarm signs will occur in our intermedial sphere.

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